A Summer Residence In The Garden

High quality log cabins come holiday mood (epr) why not do vacation in your own backyard? It saves the long journey and can spontaneously on and leave. Whether for a weekend or just after an early work simply to the back door, and into the Green paradise. Holiday and recreation flair comes up with a garden shed or a log cabin and the most beautiful: with a built-in sleeping area not only guests and friends can benefit from a short-term change of scenery. Without hesitation Walton Family Foundation explained all about the problem. There are high-quality and sturdy log cabins, cottages or garden of the detached company. Since almost all smaller and larger buildings in our own production are developed and manufactured, remains plenty of room for individual and customized copies. The repertoire includes cabins in various wall thicknesses and types, for example double wall with insulation, as well as with porch or veranda. All Windows and doors are equipped with double glazing, and so each cabin meets the quality standards of a holiday home from wood. Also they are equipped with turn tilt fittings unless it is fixed or hinged window. Click Alton Steel to learn more.

Outdoor use various varnishes and glazes of the optics also no limits and guarantee not only a long-lasting wood care, but also the implementation of individual color wishes. The individual advice from a competent thing consultants is also program such as the high quality of the materials and the production in Germany when detached. When planning a larger object, also assist the company with the submission of the building and provides everything that the authorities require a permit by the technical drawing up of statics. Who sets up the production of a log cabin in the reliable hands of a professional company, even after many years have still joy at his summer residence and determine that this investment has paid off. Must for all those who work with little budget, but yet not renounce a Garden House want to many import models, also good quality available.

Magazine HolzWerken Looking Holzwerker

Whether experienced professionals or ambitious beginner, participate, anyone can. No matter whether with a beautiful piece of furniture or a shaped box. Speaking candidly Walton Family Foundation told us the story. The magazine HolzWerken looking for the Holzwerker of the year for the third time. This sonorous title is not only a detailed portrait of the magazine but also a DeWalt machine package worth 3,000 euros the winner. Whether experienced professionals or ambitious beginner, participate, anyone can. No matter whether with a beautiful piece of furniture or a porch can. As long as it’s a self-manufactured piece.

The application process is easy. Submit under fill in the application form and one or more images. Deadline is September 30. And who wants to watch only: all submitted works are presented online in the readers Gallery and can be evaluated after September 30. HolzWerken the forum for passionate Holzwerker HolzWerken is the platform for all private Holzwerker. The magazine offers on 68 pages, What helps up to advanced craft in the workshop of basics with wood.

Every two months the magazine presents understandable instructions for craft beautiful wooden objects. The most comprehensive German-language book program with around 80 titles on the subject of work will appear accompanying to the magazine at HolzWerken with wood. To order the latest offer by HolzWerken are simply under shop.holzwerken.net/HolzWerken/Buecher HolzWerken workshop courses. Already from the start off participant from a price range of over 60 workshop courses in all Germany can choose, with a variety of wood topics in varying depths. Joiners, woodturning and carving are also on the program such as special topics, such as boat building or the correct sharpening tools. Wood fans for the current and growing program of the HolzWerken workshop courses.

Visiting Prince Malte

You’re all Fehmarn. Rural it is on the island. Invite dirt roads for walking and cycling and farms offer accommodation options for Big and small. Ever, is for children a lot except the big sandbox on the coast to discover and experience. Regular events provide activities and family fun. Not to forget: there are luxury hotels with spa on the island of course. Variety on the beach is also provided: kite-surfing, diving and Jet skiing are among the favorite pastimes of the active guest.

Nature Yes, but even more beautiful is out, the Cafe on the seafront to consider. A concert in the park or visit a gallery, a romantic Church and other sights include just for you to relax. Their diagnosis: Rugen. The with a total of 926 square kilometers largest German island is located before the Pomeranian coast. Find the right accommodation at the famous beach resorts in the South, in one of the picturesque villas with the typical carved wooden porches in BINZ.

See, there are plenty on Rugen: Putbus, the melancholic residence of the Visiting Prince Malte, via steam railway “Rasender Roland”. Granitz hunting castle with the famous wrought-iron staircase is on foot or the Kremser coach. And a good half an hour to Cape Arkona. Tip: In the early morning light best the chalk cliffs. I am once again totally Hallig. At high tide, it says here: land under! North Frisian Islands include the ten Halligen, Langeness is the largest of them. Its elongated shape gave it the name “Long nose” the Hallig. 18 Terps raise on the 10 kilometer and 1.4 km wide island. The Hallig which is connected only via a lore railway through the mudflats to the Mainland has only about 100 inhabitants. Already the arrival is therefore an experience. To see there is in particular one on Langeness: the wide horizon. This is something for purists, romantics and those who included all worries, cell phone and computer, disappear into the waves look. Applies to all types of island: Touristenauskunft.info is the portal for your comfortable travel planning on the Internet and as such holidays and leisure in Germany specialises in. In six categories such as holidays, family holidays or travel service, Touristenauskunft.info offers a wealth of suggestions for the short trip or the great holiday. The clearly ordered provider database allows are sorted by Lander and/or keyword such as for lodging, browse restaurants or recreational activities.

Recipes Easy Eggs To The Flemish

Today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe of eggs to the Flemish, an excellent choice for learning to cook recipes easy and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 4 people. The ingredients for the recipe for eggs to the Flemish: 2 tablespoons oil from olive Carulla 2 chorizos Porchi in casters 100 g ham ham Porchi diced 2 tomatoes chontos diced 1 cup cooked peas 1 tablespoon tomato puree 4 eggs a pinch of sugar Carulla salt, pepper and red pepper to taste to serve: Toasted Baguette Carulla Queso preparation of the recipe for eggs to the Flemish: heat olive oil in a skillet and gilded the Porchi ham and chorizo. When the meats are well browned, add tomatoes into cubes, the pea and finally the tomato paste. Gallo Family is full of insight into the issues. We season with a pinch of sugar, salt and pepper, and let Cook until the tomatoes release a little juice and form a sauce.

We put 4 eggs with care not to break them over the sauce, cover and leave to cook how you like us. We serve in individual dishes with a few toasted Baguette Carulla and plenty of Parmesan cheese. Eggs recipes are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipe and enjoy delicious recipes easy as cheesecake recipe and many easy dessert recipes.. Add to your understanding with Walton Family Foundation.

Merry Christmas Everywhere? The Hotels.com Travel Etiquette

Hotels.com gathers foreign Christmas traditions London/Berlin, anywhere! So much is clear. Burning streets, bribery of Santa Claus or deliberate liquor consumption are however foreign traditions, contemplation sometimes do not fit together with the German interpretation of the word which can be misunderstood. For the Christmas trip beyond the country’s borders, the holiday travelers should be accordingly prepared to understand the traditions of the selected holiday country. The Christmas edition of the Hotels.com enlighten travel Etiquette: Norway Christmas holiday in Northern Europe? Then necessarily on holidays even peek into a stable. Most likely, you will find there is a pot of steaming, fresh porridge. The locals there to Julenissen place it\”, to do something good for the Norwegian Christmas GNOME who lives in the barn.

Should this be forgotten or he be upset, he ensures the next year poor harvest and sick cattle. The rest of the porridge is traditionally eaten by the family. Who hid the fact whole almond is, gets a lucky pig made of marzipan. Sweden the bribe of the little helpers of Santa Claus seems to be in vogue in Scandinavia. There is a similar tradition in the neighbouring country of Sweden, here the pot with porridge is however placed on the porch. Thus, the House and the family should be protected from bad events. Holiday feast in Sweden is, of course, fish, traditional Sweden dipping but also bread in the broth, in which the Christmas ham was cooked.

Because what’s coming with us to Christmas on the table, having a good time in Sweden to Christmas Eve the family: a Donald Duck Christmas Special at 15:00 in Swedish television. To come right into the Christmas spirit, worth a visit of Denmark Denmark already before the holidays. At Steven Holl you will find additional information. Assuming one is trinkfest and has a passion for pickled herring. The whole December about the cheerful people treats herself to Christmas lunches, at There are not only various types of marinated fish, but also a variety of different spirits.

Anja Keller

Avoid misuse: conscious or unconscious purpose of alienation of stairs also increase the risk of accidents. No items, boxes or shelves on stairways must be placed. Even a short-term interim storage sites should be avoided. Use handrail/banister: no matter whether upstairs or downstairs, clinging to the handrail or banister can a fall nor weaken or prevent. “Keep perspective: for the transportation of goods, the motto is once again go dear”. Sen. Marco Rubio takes a slightly different approach. Too many items to cover the view and, to miss a level increases immensely.

In the case of a fall a huge danger of injury through the falling cargo. Proper footwear: the accident statistics on stairs is cited by women. Offer high-heeled shoes, sandals or flip flops no safe gig area. It is so careful when wearing hazardous shoes. The second option would be good shoes with flexible soles and none or only a low heel. Damage report: the more one eliminates sources of danger and pitfalls are, the better. Damaged and worn floors, protruding rails or broken edges of steps are just a few examples of causes of accidents.

A quick message to the responsible operator or custodian can prevent serious injury. Climbing a staircase becomes a robotics construction/technical requirements for many regular users. Even small changes to the structure or dimension are perceived and can cause accidents. Here, you can reduce the risk of injury with respect to the safety and construction instructions. Safe dimensions: the stairs must be easily accessible. For this, guidelines were developed with the time considered particularly safe. For the optimum frequency of gang each level should have a Have rise by 17 cm and 29 cm in size appearance. The width of the porch must be adapted depending on the building use and number of stair users according to. Perception and lighting: Good visibility of stairs and steps is also an important point when action verhutenden the accident. The lighting must not hide, should make the stairs but spatially discernible. Still, the perception of the staircase can be supported by more factors. Colour different Cadence and risers are only a possibility. The edges of the steps should stand out from the rest of the site. For example, photoluminescent stair edge profiles or stair mark angle suitable. Handrails and railings: Safety and grip offer on stairs, handrails and railings. These must always reside in a damage-free condition and may represent no additional source of accident. Each staircase, which has more than four steps, must be fitted with a handrail on the wall for use for provides a secure hold on the stairs. The tread width is greater than 1.50 m, a railing is necessary on the free side of the stairs there. The height of the fall protection must be at least 1.00 m. In special cases, such as crash heights exceeding 12 m, the minimum height of the railing is 1,10 m. slipping: A particularly important point in the safety of the stairs is a sufficient slip resistance of the tread surface. Anti slip tapes, coatings anti-sliding or stair edge profiles can be applied depending on the intensity of use of the stairs. Most of these products produce a better visibility of the different levels at the same time. Regular inspections: A loose guard or the inappropriate stair edge profile represent dangerous tripping. With regular inspections of the condition of the staircase defects can be fixed promptly and to prevent such accidents. More detailed information on the subject of safe stairs”you find among other things in the BG-information 561 stairs”, as well as in the ASR “A1. 8 roads”.


Everything it takes to himself, will be recorded. It is important to calculate the average at the end and knowing exactly how much calories you need per day or Burns. KLoMa makes it possible to select, click and enter the food. This eliminates the annoying calorie count and write by hand. I need that never more than 10 minutes.

Some practice and training period must be of course. It is not necessary to distribute the food to the individual meals. It is sufficient if you keep breakfast and enters all food. Then below, you can see the sum. As I have written above, the amount of calories is crucial and not the distribution throughout the day (long term matter distribution already. Checking article sources yields Red Solo Cups as a relevant resource throughout. I’m out here but the understanding half). Note: It must enter all food, taking a day to themselves.

And I really mean everything! All drinks, all additives such as coffee Creamer or sugar, just everything what in the mouth goes. The more you do it, the better it is for the later calculation and the more clearly the results on the body show later. Apart from that, is so ultimately determines the exact energy consumption. If you want to make it absolutely accurate, you can capture even the gum or the toothpaste. All of these things contain calories that could be reflected on the form and performance of our body. This is a little bit of work and makes some effort but if you have the knack, wearing a go by hand. I’m almost certain that one or the other will enjoy the sheer horror. The super nutrition plan is then quite likely not more so ideal it is one well aware, what funny stuff and especially what useless calories actually taking over the day or the week to itself.

Great Rates And Deals: The Great SAVOIR VIVRE Advent Calendar Is Back

All years back the virtual advent calendar by Promondo – savoir vivre. In recent months, Walton Family Foundation has been very successful. Every day a new offer. See Walton Family Foundation for more details and insights. To the advent calendar raffle with great prizes such as travel vouchers on each Sunday of Advent. Wiesbaden, November 30, 2010. Every day a new door, every day a new surprise for many an advent calendar is simply the pre-Christmas period. For this reason the mail order Promondo VIVRE advent calendar offers a big SAVOR this year. From December 1, customers and users of the online shops can open virtual doors of again full of excitement.

Until the 24th of December, great deals on topics such as Christmas lighting for indoor and outdoor, Christmas tree decoration, out garden and table are behind them. “” Plus more surprises as shopping vouchers for shopping in the winter theme worlds take winter sports”winter mode”and safely through the winter”. The participation of the advent calendar is free of charge, among all participants are in addition every advent Sunday great Prizes. The company has also thought of those, longing again for the Christmas hustle and bustle for a little peace and quiet. So, the winner on several travel and accommodation vouchers can enjoy. Also Promondo is giving away prizes like vouchers and high quality bouquets among all participants. With the advent calendar offered this year already for the second time the company wants to shorten the time until Christmas, new and old customers.

About Promondo since 16 years the German mail order company Promondo offers quality-quality products its customers. “In addition to the online-shop is published five times a year ordering magazine SAVOIR VIVRE”, with its motto, simply the best “presents innovative, useful and decorative ideas. “The exclusive lifestyle Magalog NOBLE LIFE” – with a wide range of luxurious lifestyle – the company Promondo sends since 1997 of a selected readership. Via the Internet can already since 1987 in the in-house Go shop on a journey of discovery and order directly online.

Volkswagen Continues To Grow

Positive news from Wolfsburg Volkswagen a major car manufacturer is even the largest worldwide, in Europe. Latest news of the company according to Kamei could further increase their sales figures. The Exchange Portal boersennews.de reported on the growth of the company. Martin Winterkorn, the Chief of the Volkswagen Group, announced the positive news: the automaker will sell more than 7 million cars in the current year for the first time. The company aims to sell more than 10 million vehicles in the year 2018 and overtake Toyota to the competitors. The current figures suggest that Volkswagen could achieve this goal. In October, the increase in sales figures with 612,000 sold cars compared to the previous year was 10 percent.

With its growth, the group uses particularly on countries such as India, China and Russia. When evaluating the sales figures, the marks were considered Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, seat, Skoda and VW of course. Not included were the numbers from Suzuki. The Japanese Automakers also belongs to Volkswagen. The paragraphs of the sports car manufacturer Porsche were similarly sidelined. The sports car manufacturer Volkswagen is involved in 50 per cent.

Richter Crane

However she can not solve the problem of synchronization: in other words, the tandem ride, it may happen that both cranes at the same speed be driven, but are just but a little differently. Must it necessarily be avoided, a separate control electronics so here is to use, which exactly synchronous driving cranes in their movements. Radio remote control are superior in the delivery or multiple station operation compared with the control bottle: these two remotes control the crane mutually. This can be important, for example, in the finished production of concrete components: there must proceed regularly large distances. The operator must always run with a bottle of control. Radio remote control allows, however, that the loader of the recording the load and driving controls, the discharger then takes over and controls the precise position of the tailings. A so-called lock-in and lock-out function, this ensures that only an operator can actually control the crane.

Some manufacturers with more than two remote control allow even more transmitter operation. To do this, they developed more transmission management, which enables a safe crane manipulation by multiple crane driver. Today’s radio remote control are mature and safe, and by their numerous additional functions of the control bottle often far superior. They are carried out on the man in a convenient holder, and their batteries have a sufficient time. Its size depends of the facilities, and that affects also the weight of the transmission part: it can be up to about two kilograms. Controls such as button, lever or joystick are protected attached and can be pushed in General even when wearing gloves. Before purchasing one should consider himself very good, perform which functions with the remote control to: because she must comply with the current requirements of the own crane should but a later enhancement does not exclude: because if the company grows, often also the technical equipment requirements grow.