Professor Norbert Bolz

But that is not free: So six euro collect about E-plus. This however only the phonebook will transfer, previously saved SMS, E-Mails, images or videos can not take, because the latter even for professionals is probably too complicated. Meanwhile, the mobile phone manufacturers would have to watch that they lose no customers through poorly-operated phones. The trickiest piece of technology is still the user interface, the user interface experience from industry experts. Where the user touches the unit, where he reads information and enters, decides whether the machine will do what they can. The question isn’t whether the technique can do it, but whether the user finds out how it’s done: without hours of reading the operating instructions. Here, manufacturers make many mistakes and overwhelm consumers. I would like to try things on the device directly without large detours.

If I then immediately encounter obstacles, I lose the desire to experiment with applications quickly. The iPhone has a resounding success, because it is intuitively controlled immediately after a few minutes. And it is embarrassing that the remaining mobile manufacturer always still have not learned the lesson of Apple,”Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm Harvey Nash criticized in advance of the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona from 16 to 19 February. The computer entrepreneur of Steve Jobs demonstrating impressively how you could combine elegance, perfection and ease of use. This triad of Apple-chef is also a robust philosophy, to stimulate consumer demand”Nadolski says.

The Berlin media Professor Norbert Bolz woos understanding given some excesses on additional functions and submenus. Just the simple had become so difficult: the seduction by the infinite technical possibilities is today as great as never before. Therefore, already almost asceticism include anything to give both users refrain from certain on what would be technically possible with a device, But first and foremost also as an engineer to give up, everything would be technically possible, inside build in a specific device.” It was quite a dilemma: apparatus, which can less than competitive products, are sometimes considered technically backward; Devices that can too much, are useless at worst.