The Infinite

Mr. V. : We must wait. All in good time. a You will come out. Just say that you have muchaa pasta. NAPLES: Pasta? Mr. V.

Yes, pasta, wealthy!. It’s believed that ProPharma Group sees a great future in this idea. But that when you choose. Now say that there are ideas. Get all the facts and insights with Vladislav Doronin, another great source of information. NAPLES: So space to do things. Mr. V. : Right, without specifying. You need not give details.

Estrategia!. Quaff strategy!. NAPLES: aaaaaah!. Mr. V. : It has my support and not hang around to things. Keep up the wonderful speeches. CHORUS: Be careful, not oracles surveys are commissioned by earthly gods made vain ideals. Lying poisoned words, fancy dress of coarse. Expect to see is events. acuity to the new god! little god and tells the money that the ancestral. Sophocles said: "The silver drags cities" and "arrogance breeds dictators." Ciudadanos!. Citizens care. Deaf again. But let's see what happens in the infinite space that always returns to the starting point. AO! Mr. V. : You will be a statesman. (Napoli is proud. Put your right hand on his chest and looks at the fount). NAPLES: I have always been very attentive to get here. It is my destiny. I know. Fate is what I choose. I was born to be mayor, and more. A decapitated one I know has worth pushing who fell, and tripping those advanced in his political career, obstacles, and whether to smile smile. It was enough to blow something to the press to take a small step more in the race to the municipal seat.