Translations for the oil and gas industry companies of the oil and gas industry Act global and connecting some of the largest countries of the world. The activity increase in the course of expansion of this industry rapidly in the field of exploration and production of oil and gas in many countries, such as, for example, Greenland, Suriname, Brazil, Venezuela and Angola. This development increases the demand for translations in the oil and gas sector in a number of languages. Is no easy task to find a suitable provider but often, because it is one of the most difficult areas of technical translation. Companies that operate the energy sector, so should know what matters when searching for a competent and reliable translation service providers. Helpful tips for those looking for a translation company for projects in the oil and gas sector, it is recommended to select a translation company that can demonstrate experience in the oil and gas sector and already was involved in large-scale, global projects.

Industry competence can be demonstrated by customer references or a collection of reference projects. Opt for a company that charged a team of experienced technical translators with economic and legal knowledge with your project. The translation of documents for the oil and gas industry should be entrusted to only very experienced technical translators. The competent translator must be with basic industry processes such as among other things the reduction of oil and gas fields, exploration, drilling, construction of pipelines and compressor stations, familiar gas processing, oil refining, oil and gas extraction, flow measurement, transport and storage, industry-specific equipment and systems and trade marketing. Translators in the oil and gas sector are among other things for the appropriate and proper transfer of operating and maintenance manuals, manuals of equipment and devices, drilling reports, installed equipment, environmental performance data and Social impact assessments, technical designs, technical specifications, tender documents, insurance policies, international standards and responsible weight measurements.