Travel and Leisure

Under the food, drink, travel and enjoy revolves around / on a blog anyone can discuss with the “We love the variety of enjoyment and want to communicate that too,” explains bird. What count for the editors, was the quality of the products and that defines not only about the price. The objective is to make the Web page feel like visitors on pleasure and also to show that there are lots of alternatives to expensive champagne. Bird: “of course we will also report on luxurious moments of life, but we also believe that for example reading in a great cook or garden book on the terrace with a glass of good can be wine as a treat, like a meal in a three-star eatery.” Also presented on the Web site online shops, which sell not only select, qualitatively outstanding products, but shine through their service. Also introduces pleasure trips, which stand out from the normal monotony. “We take the input for the site with your own “Research and also from press releases from related companies”, so bird.

The site will provide no further recipes to cook at home, but imagine blogs which describe the subject of cooking and eating well in our opinion. “Pleasure is priceless”, says Volker Vogel, Publisher and editor in Chief of the new pleasure Portal, which is expected to go online in mid-August. A portal with magazine character that so does not exist according to the PR consultant and skilled Editor. So a blog is attached the site, where visitors can discuss with articles and topics. Bird: “we want to deal exclusively with high-quality products in the areas of food and beverages (food, wine, sparkling wine & champagne, beer, spirits), travel, smoking, as well as books on the individual topics and specific and enjoyable destinations, including interviews with experts and authors”. This stand not the luxury in the foreground, but the pleasure, “and not necessarily has to do with luxury”, Vogel stressed.