Assisted Reproduction

Many couples are those who today have the desire to form a family and do not succeed. Infertility is a problem that affects both men and women and prevents them from having a family. With the passage of the years assisted reproduction has been becoming increasingly common, as it is a safe alternative and practiced with quality in health centres. There are different procedures for assisted reproduction that have revolutionized our days, because the magic of having a baby is now possible. Various treatments of assisted reproduction should be elected both how the couple and a medical specialist, who will guide prospective parents by the path that suits your case of infertility. Some of the prevailing methods of assisted reproduction are as follows: intrauterine insemination consists in the introduction of sperm inside the breast uterine, so then they travel into the fallopian tubes and able to fertilize the egg.

Used semen can be the couple and if that sterility is cause of man, the sperm in a sperm bank or with any donor can be achieved. Fertilization in vitro can also be accomplished a playlist by combining sperm and oocytes outside the body of the woman in a laboratory dish, to be then placed in an incubator. After the achievement of an embryo, it is placed in the uterus where it will be implemented. Assisted reproduction has come to revolutionize times, because you have no taboos about the conception of a child. When assisted reproduction must be carried out in a proper health center, it is a safe and very good quality method. Assisted reproduction is an option for those couples who really wish to form a family.