Autonomic Nervous System

According to WHO the snuff kills up to 50% of smokers. However, it is usually consumed around the world because it is sold at low prices. Also marketed aggressively, not become aware of the dangers involved and the public policies against its use are inconsistent. Three out of four smokers are aware of the dangers of snuff, they want to quit smoking. Only 5% of the world population has comprehensive services to treat dependence snuff. Smokers may find it difficult to quit their habit without help, and most people must use it to overcome their dependence. Treatments to stop smoking can be pharmachologic and nonpharmachologic.

Pharmacological treatments such as nicotine patches, minimize withdrawal symptoms, but keeps the patient with the same addiction. Furthermore, the effectiveness of such, is only 30% at one year follow up. Among non-pharmacological treatments, laser therapy is an effective alternative because it is a Non-drug procedure, external, non-invasive and painless non-thermal. Gain insight and clarity with Central Romana. Besides not having adverse effects and with greater effectiveness than 70%. The term laser therapy or laser refers to laser stimulation of the reflex points of the ear. These points are acupuncture originated in ancient China, although the somatotopic correspondence of the different areas of the ear, was developed in modern France.

The laser used is of low intensity. This ray is electromagnetic radiation, which occurs as a result of light emission from countless individual atoms or molecules. The GAs semiconductor diode laser is the most used today. Lasers are more efficient, economic and small, that are manufactured today. Neurological Research smoking cessation with ear acupuncture laser are based on observations that the ears are a gateway to the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and endocrine system. The ANS controls the glands, heart muscle and smooth muscle. Unconscious processes that regulates homeostasis and blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, etc.. These actions of SNA are automatic ears are supplied mainly by the vagus nerve, which belongs to the parasympathetic division of ANS. The laser to stop smoking, is applied to various points on the ear that produce stimuli that travel through the vagal afferent limb, they reach the brain stem, thalamus and various nuclei of the spinal cord through the preganglionic neurons. These stimuli create automatic and unconscious reflexes that adjust and stabilize the SNA functions: circulatory, respiratory, digestive, etc. The control of discomfort associated with tobacco withdrawal symptoms and feeling of relaxation that feel the patients after laser therapy are related to the activation and modulation of the autonomic nervous system. References 1. WHO report on global tobacco epidemic.