Management In The Blind

A small walk through the tribulations of the too human spirit. Who makes mistakes who works. As far as this is normal. But numerous people tend not to want to see their own faults and to perceive their environment as a flawed instead. A small walk through the tribulations of the too human spirit. A little anecdote: The marketing guru Zig Ziglar reported once a coaching client, that took everything, really everything on their job except for the fact that she was paid for it bad. After he had taught her a few helpful other perspectives about their work, she pulled away in good spirits. A few months later Ziglar met them again.

On the question of how it because walking in the company, said she enjoys: Good. You can not imagine how much my colleagues and my boss have changed.” Yes, there is, this Ichlinge. All around them is rather poor, sullen, dismissive, or even incompetent. And since this is so, it is difficult even so one, to move forward. All idiots!” That one with this Attitude really repellent and sullen treated is the own worldview confirmed. See, I told you!” Who I would like to mention Ahnungsentbehrer are a special form of this species. You could’ve called it also Inkompetenzlinge.

But Ahnungsentbehrer are more than that. They don’t even have a clue that they are incompetent. Psychologically, this phenomenon as a cognitive bias can be described and was known as the Dunning – Kruger effect in the literature. Some incompetent people are thus so incompetent that they notice anything even by their incompetence. “The Star” said recently, we would have it the Dunning-Kruger Erffekt owe that Germany seeks the superstar “now go in the eighth round. Even if the scientific character of this effect is controversial, so the thesis is yet attractive enough to even closer to be illuminated.