AgeLOC Discovery

Nu Skin galvanic spa facial gels are ageLOC now equipped with the NEW technology. A new research of Purdue University has recently brought a significant, previously hidden source of aging in each of us to the fore: an internal generator free of radicals of the skin (epidermis). By it occurs on the surface of cells, this invisible is fine in the skin-damaging free radicals, around the clock and this generate increasingly with advancing age. Differently than in other free radicals, which are released by solar radiation or pollutants, our genes control their activities. This internal production of free radicals can produce them so quickly that even antioxidants need some additional help to slow him down. The unique solution: the slowing of this skin-damaging free radicals to their source and stop the visible signs of aging before they start.

With an additional ground-breaking discovery has succeeded in Nu Skin scientists, an exclusive Determining composition of active ingredients which slows down the production of free radicals in the skin (epidermis). Will be presented: ageLOC technology that was developed to reduce the visible signs of aging by the invisible source of aging at your target. Nu are now equipped with NEW ageLOC to slow the signs of aging at its source, technology, an in-house formulation of active ingredients that contributes to skin galvanic spa facial gels. It restores the youthful appearance of your skin and protects it. ageLOC ingredients has been proven to prevent the outbreak of free radicals which in turn is linked to the arNOX enzyme in conjunction. This prevention can help to slow down the signs of aging, as she can be caused by an accelerated production of free of radicals. A Stanford University study recently has proven that people with a low level of arNOX were classified by an average 7 years younger handsome clinically as your actual biological age. People with high levels of arNOX appeared to be on average 7 years older than her actual age.