Public And Private State Share. (63)

Our democracy operates in two different economic areas! Start part 2 the 3 national elementary production factors (new: knowledge): capital work floor the three economic areas (acquisition economical public + private, GDP): primary sector: companies: procurement, production, sales worldwide secondary sector: the State: stock market, capital market, insurance tertiary sector:-households: supplementary benefits inland the horizontal […]

The Next Referendum In Berlin Comes

For a preservation of the Tempelhof as a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with greater transparency and freedom of information which by the Action Alliance of the umbrella national legislative Association filed a new petition for referendum now the Berlin House of representatives to vote exists. At the same time, the Berlin court filed […]

Everyday Life

Life in divided Berlin at the Memorial on the 50th anniversary of the construction of the wall, the Division of Germany the focus was time witness reports. Has been overlooked, that the cementing of the border at the same time was the beginning of a new era in the life of the people of East […]

Germany Cross

Without every single blood donation of approximately 3.8 million people who donate blood at the Red Cross, this supply would be impossible. The German Red Cross needed daily 15,000 blood donations. It is therefore important that especially young people as new and regular blood donors are won. But not only in Germany attention will be […]