Health Insurance And Dentistry Abroad

But this kind of tourism is becoming a real salvation for those who have no health insurance in their new country of residence. Nearly half a million Americans have been forced to seek medical care abroad, with 40% of their number was dental tourists, according to the National Coalition of Health, which includes an alliance […]

Safely Possible Interview

In an interview with the newspaper, Aschaffenburg explains Harald Gumuseli, owner of the laser eye agency SEHHLFE-way eye lasers in Turkey has become the advantages of eye laser treatment in Turkey, as well as about the eye laser sweepstakes Aschaffenburg, April 26, 2012 – a big hit. In particular the eye lasers in Istanbul learns […]

Internet Portal

Dr. med. Hartmut Baltin: the well-known expert in pain disorders and chronic conditions provides the new website of his clinic in Aschau am Chiemsee from staying healthy! This well-meaning advice and wish to apply of course for all of us. And as long as we are healthy and can live without illness or affliction, we […]