If your visits statistics begin to show a downward trend and your bounce traffic is growing, it is obvious that something negative is going on with your site. It is not easy to determine the exact causes of a decline in the preference of our users, but we have to consider all the possibilities. Decline in preference occurs with sites with some time online, which in the case of the new sites would be a lack of initial acceptance, the majority of the reasons why your users do not like your site may apply to both cases. I invite you to read these 12 reasons why your users do not like your website, shine them and applique in your particular case, and examines the impact of the changes in your visits statistics. Visual saturation of contents (texts, images, etc.) It is important that our sites are developed with structures sorted and strategically designed for optimal content presentation, especially when we have to display large amounts. Visual content saturation can be reduced through the location of content in a structure of columns and symmetric spaces (grids system), in order to create patterns of visual order needed to facilitate readability and focus of attention from users. Too many errors in design, product of the browser incompatibilities we know, the terrible thing is to ensure the full compatibility of our sites with all browsers (especially already know who), however not having these considerations cause many of our pages to experience in one or another browser, design gaps, overlapping content, erroneous deployment of images, overlaid texts, etc. A navigation confusing and saturated options a menu of navigation with too many options, badly located, little remarkable, in separate sections, contained repeated, etc. It will cause the user to lose the sense of their location, reducing the capacity of a productive mobility within the site.

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