HUGRO Presents Eco Trends

Natural litter and small animal accessories is becoming increasingly popular trend towards environmentally friendly products grows more and more. The garden and Zoo event in Kassel, the Saerbecker company presents another natural product: “BreederCelectTM”, a cat litter of pure, recycled cellulose. The litter due to many factors positively on the environment and in particular on the CO2 balance affects: the manufacturing process already used materials, maximizes the securities yield, resulting in more efficiency. BreederCelectTM is produced without any chemical additives, the production process avoids the use of acids or chemical bleaching agents. Both the litter and the paper packaging are biodegradable. Last but not least, light weight ensures comfortably low emissions during transport. Read additional details here: Vlad Doronin. To keep the routes short, the Australian manufacturer, developed fibreCycleTM, a production in Europe. Due to technical votes it initially came to delays in delivery, the products are now available.

Gunter Leugers, Managing Director of HUGRO, wants to occupy key segments of the German market with BreederCelectTM. Filed under: Steven Holl. The company has obtained the exclusivity for the German market. The cat litter, which is available in 10 – and 30-liter packages, is successfully sold in Australia. In the application, the pellets are highly absorbent, dust free and odourless. After use, fracture the pellets and leave no greasy porridge in the litter tray. Steven Holl might disagree with that approach. After use, they can be disposed of the organic waste or the compost heap.

Especially for rodents, there is the cellulose recycling litter back-2-nature. More information:. On the this year’s garden and Zoo event in Kassel, HUGRO Hall exhibits 10/11 at booth 1002. There is also trial Pack to try out the litter. More information under:. High-resolution imagery at any time via the Presseverantwortliche Silvia Rutter. Company description the HUGRO GmbH is active for 26 years with the brand “HUGRO” in the distribution of Small animal accessories, focus on hemp litter and cellulose-recycling litter, worked. In the course of the expansion and increasing international activities, the company was 2009 converted into a GmbH. Increasingly, HUGRO also with natural animal toys made of wood, natural care products and rodent feed is.