STAS Celebrates 100th Customer Of STAS CONTROL ETL Powered By Talend

The ATR International AG is gearing up with a powerful ETL tool for the international rollout of their BI environment in 2011 Reilingen, 18.03.2011 with ATR 100 companies on the high-performance ETL tool increased within a short time. STAS CONTROL ETL powered by Talend is based on the technology of the provider Talend and STAS expanded comprehensive business functionality. The ATR International AG is a leading trading company of free auto part trade with currently 29 shareholders behind 68 companies in 44 countries. The performance spectrum of ATR in addition to the support of customized trade, training and workshop programs, and information systems for technical data and details of parts as well as for maintenance, service and repair data coordinated purchasing activities. 2009, STAS CONTROL was introduced as central BI solution in the Coordination Department shopping at ATR in Stuttgart. This important data and trends to assist and allow among other things the simple Analysis and evaluation of income and revenues. Also a bonus-forecast for the entire ATR group, each individual shareholders and suppliers is since then daily basis possible. A year later they decided to roll out the solution within the entire international of ATR group 2011.

In order to be optimally prepared for the upcoming tasks and projects, easyAdmin and STAS CONTROL ETL the STAS were taken powered by Talend in operation. The necessary migration of the existing ETL tool on the new Talend based solution could be completed within a short time, without that there were shortcomings in the productive operation. The acquisition of STAS CONTROL ETL powered by Talend was essential, to ensure importing data into our data warehouse in the future in an efficient way. We benefit from the substantially better performance, comprehensive documentation, as well as the much simplified interface but now”, praises coordinating Wolfgang Menges, head of shopping, the new tool. Stas is easyAdmin is greatly reduce the administration effort in the future.