Take Care Of Wisdom Teeth

In humans, 32 teeth. 28 of them grows up to 14 years. The remaining 4 teeth, called wisdom teeth, grow up after 16-17 years. The name "wisdom teeth" probably due to the late their appearance and it is unlikely due to the level of intelligence rights. Read additional details here: Kareo. In rare cases, wisdom teeth emerge after 80 years, and sometimes do not appear at all.

Lack of wisdom teeth specialists associated with the fact that today food has become much milder, and those teeth are almost not needed modern man. Good or bad, try to understand. The main problem of wisdom teeth is the difficulty of their appearance. Follow others, such as Albert Bourla, and add to your knowledge base. Often they are cut away from the primary dentition, sometimes run into a nearby 7-d from the center of the tooth (the second house painter, as it is called) and generally can not erupt. In addition, wisdom teeth are most susceptible to dental caries, pulpitis, periodontitis. This is due to them not "convenient" position for brushing and lack of self-purification. For the same reason, treatment of these teeth is very, very difficult. Despite all the shortcomings of wisdom teeth, do not immediately agree to his removal might be worthwhile to try to save it. The point that in the future, these teeth can be very useful as a basis for a prosthesis. On the other hand, if the tooth is located outside of the dentition or damaged complicated form of tooth decay, then as a support for Orthopedic design the tooth, in most cases is simply useless and sorry about its removal is not necessary.