CDU Peaceful

Bernhard Simon: the Tacheles E.v. on the 1st may demonstration of autonomous draws attention to the ‘We want a peaceful May 1’ in a press release. Moreover is pointed out, that it will closely monitor whether the right to demonstration and freedom of Association also applies to the autonomous protesters and how the police will behave. We wish for all citizens and citizens of this city a peaceful May 1. The CDU faction in particular is of the Wuppertaler thanks police for their efforts.

The police will ensure that peaceful demonstrators and other innocent passers-by not become the victims of riot, riots and violence. “It is a very one-sided perspective, to ascribe the blame to our police and sweeping to speak of police violence, says the CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon Wuppertal. “It is a great advantage of our community, that our police force politically colour-blind” was. Police officers, we should facilitate their heavy duties as citizens of this city. The police manufactures safety and order in Wuppertal, Germany. We must protect ourselves against extremists of all stripes.

Also always make sure to what cause and what is effect. Our police have a right to defend themselves if physically attacked. This is of course to maintain. the proportionality”