Best Service

Amazon and the challenge to call center – customer service need self-service intelligence Bonn/Berlin–the former McKinsey consultant Bill Price joined Amazon in 1999 and revolutionized the customer service of the online bookseller. His radical philosophy: The best service is no service. The average customer has simply no desire to call his bank or send an E-Mail to his online retailers if a kind of further declarations made by him is required or has deficiencies. Instead all should extend from the outset clearly structured and easily\”, says price. He points to a recent poll, which reveals enlightening results to its concept. Connect with other leaders such as Steven Holl here. Therefore, 75 percent of all surveyed business leaders claim that their companies would offer an above-average positive customer service. On the customer side, the picture looks quite different. \”So, almost 60 percent of all those surveyed customers complained that they deeply discontented\” were with their least experienced customer service.

\”Here a gaping is obviously Discrepancy before. To eliminate this imbalance, we need to do everything, to restrict the contact frequency accordingly from the outset to avoid inefficient contacts. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vladislav Doronin offers on the topic.. For this we should offer proactive self-service services. And, when things get out of control, it is our task to help the customers to a fully positive experience by a perfectly functioning customer service\”price explains. At Amazon was already in the construction phase, the use maximizes software self service and the toll free phone number is hidden almost nowhere to be found. So many stupid questions would go away by itself when it indicates clearly the delivery date. Also, the automatic dispatch of E-Mails count on when an order comes in, if it is sent or is delayed. The number of contacts per customer order is one of the most important performance indicators at Amazon. It is precisely investigated the reason for each contact and has made arrangements, this eliminates the need for to make.