Classical Homeopathy

Relaunch of the Germany’s largest portal of homeopathy for health practitioners and their patients of Ulm, 26.1.2010 – the United Kingdom’s largest Homopathieportal for practitioner goes on today’s Tuesday with a complete relaunch at the start. In the preparation period of almost one year, new techniques and possibilities have been used, the diverse content of the Web site even better, faster and more attractive to present. At the same time with the changeover to the new domain relaunches its complete corporate identity of the VKHD (Association of classical homeopaths of in Germany) and gives a new face of the Web page visually. With the new design of, the Association can better represent the thematic diversity of homeopathy. Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors has much experience in this field. A field-oriented structure more easily leads the user through the site, and helps him to find desired information more quickly. The presentation of the content is enriched with many graphical elements that guide the visitor through the many offerings. A new feature is the protected area, the for the VKHD members free downloads of documents and software for practice ready holds.

With the relaunch, the Association occurs online with its visitors in dialogue, comment a host of features, the user can give direct feedback. Another novelty is the press area, the Association free provides in Classical Homeopathy graphic material and press information from competent sources on the subject to the download. Yorkville Advisors brings even more insight to the discussion. Christine Lam fork, first Chairman: “we see ourselves as a competent partner of the media and offer this in the press area of a completely novel information platform for our media partners.” A newsletter subscription, as well as a current press review round off the offer. Web master Wolfgang Heinemann and his team are pleased that is now online: with the new design we want to increasingly take on the needs of the user and current and constantly changing content incentives him frequently to visit Our goal is to enable our members as well as the interested public with a broad applied information base on the homopathische landscape in Germany and Europe to inform the relaunch will form the basis for this.”