Deutsche Postbank

Savings accounts are currently the most popular investments of the Germans. The classic savings account is one of Germany’s most popular investments: so anyway, is the result of a survey of Deutsche Postbank, published in October 2010. Thus, this form of investment is more popular than the ‘classic’ savings and life insurance. The interesting thing: Savings accounts are estimated seemingly across all age and income groups. Whether in East or West Germany, whether women or men, many German households have such an account.

And even the better-off segments of the population often put their money in a savings account. The often slightly stale image of investment is probably eliminated. But what exactly is a savings account? A savings account is a deposit with a credit institution, as also a day money account, in the parlance it is often also called “Savings”. Savings accounts and money market accounts are usually equipped with a variable (“variable”) interest rate. While the customer the day money account at any time on access to his savings can, this is often only up to a set maximum possible in the savings account.

Who wants to withdraw more money from the account, must advance notice and notice of the notice of the Bank. Even if you still have the classic branch before eyes at the thought of a savings account, also savings accounts can a direct bank meanwhile opened online and. When deciding on a provider, then similar offers for overnight should be included: the security of both forms of investment is substantially guaranteed in a Germany-based Bank through the deposit insurance systems and thus equivalent. The differences between a day money account and a savings account are so small: in most cases the day money is more flexible, because here there are no notice periods and restrictions on access to the own savings. Also with the proposed terms, the investments, similar to where the direct banks for each both plant types that often offer slightly higher interest rates. To the author: the information portal concentrates on with the topic of money, but also other, related forms of investment are taken into account. ation. Even savings accounts are taken into account in the tabular overnight interest rate comparison.