Magician de Pasco maintains and entertainment for weddings baffled with the magician “The magic is my life” is the essence of magician de Pasco. He lives and works in Aalen, a town bordering the Ostalb. The magic is his passion and he cares for more than 10 years in whole Germany and the near Switzerland and Austria for entertainment and amazement. As a magician, he maintains with his show program for corporate parties, openings, exhibitions and family celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. He acts professionally and offers a colorful program peppered with jokes and amazing magic tricks for entertainment. Its viewers are included with and “they experience the magic” explains de Pasco. By an acquaintances, the magician has come to the magic.

He learned the art of Jong able to first after initial problems and their solution with the learn to start the magic. Thereby, the magician conjures up claims “without crates and boxes”. All illusions are with the help of his clever Hands presents. Change of scene. We accompany the wizards tonight will provide to a wedding where he knot with magic and air balloon animals for entertainment.

The party is already in full swing and the magician travels on the back of the Hall. It should be a surprise for the bride and groom. As a gift of the bride’s parents to the bride and groom. He bepricht himself briefly with the staff and they produce the bride’s father a short time later the magician waiting. The sequence is spoken briefly and is now clear that: in 15 minutes de Pasco is his show. The magician with his props in the Hall comes just in time after 15 minutes and the astonished bride and groom and the surprised guests are enlightened by the bride’s parents about the gift to the wedding. Then magician de Pasco begins with his witty show and the entertainment of the guests and the bride and groom takes its course. After 40 minutes, the conversation is over. Thunderous applause and all smiling faces. “How he did now?” Questions often listen to the magician gets. But he silent himself. A magician reveals no tricks. He will accept the thanks of the bride’s parents and the bride and groom and leaves the wedding after another 15 minutes. His fee is paid. He packed up his props and imitating on the way home, because tomorrow is the next appearance. And again he provides elsewhere for entertainment and smiling faces.