The true end of the State is, therefore, liberdade.' '. Soon for Espinosa, the end and the bedding of the State reason to say what is the Freedom according to it is thought and to teach what it is thought, freeing the men of all fear. In the base of ' beddings of the Estado' State that has finally the Freedom? it is clearly where measured each one can usufruct of ' freedom of opinio' without injuring the power of the sovereigns? that it is the same to be able that guarantees the freedom. For Espinosa if it considers that ' fidelidade' to the State it is as ' fidelidade' the God, and that he is ' fidelidade' he only can be demonstrated, alone can be known by the workmanships, the love he stops with the next one, he must leave itself clearly that the freedom that the State offers, or must offer, is the same freedom of ' ' to filosofar that the faith oferece' '. For the reason, in ' ' State bom' ' , the thought freedom must be allowed, therefore after all it is a power that if cannot deny, and that it makes sciences and the arts well, that make well to the advance of sciences. The advance of science alone can occur if the freedom of ' ' pensar' ' it will be established with success inside of a State. Good part of the men, for thinking one of the others differently, does not support that they call ' delito' what it calls ' mercy stops with Deus' , and if this happens, if this occurs thus it makes its thought to be different of the established laws will make with that it does not like them laws, also making with that such man the times if judges to be able to go against? with violence? being able inside established to them of a State, but it will have to be shown who will not be able to act thus for thinking different.