New Fuelcell Drive

Innovation potential in 2011 for another 125 years is celebrated as anniversary of the automobile and that of modern transportation. For this reason, the Daimler automotive company at an anniversary celebration has unveiled a series of symbolic projects. The vehicle Portal reveals what conjures up the company on the occasion of the anniversary out of his pocket. Daimler anniversary seems the number 125 in the Center. The Group pays EUR 125 million once its total worldwide 260,000 employees. The capital of Gottlieb Daimler and Carl-Benz-Foundation should be increased also 125 million euros.

But that was still not enough. At the same time, Daimler in Stuttgart was the symbolic start of the world drive with the newly featured fuel B-class from Mercedes-Benz. Three of the new vehicles, which actually mean B-class F-cell to 125 days to circle the Earth. Thus, Mercedes would like to prove that is a new generation of everyday cars available, the themselves with hydrogen and thus emission-free can operate. The vehicles have a relatively high range of 400 km, fuel itself in a short time and are therefore for urban centres as well as for use on long-haul.

According to Daimler, so is the innovation potential for another 125 years automotive industry available. With the technical maturity of the fuel cell, other applications such as buses are now conceivable according to Daimler. With the fuel cell drive, Daimler supplemented its range to another way to sustainable mobility. In this area, Daimler consciously focuses on a mix of hybrid and electric drive systems as well as improved internal combustion engines, of which each type for a particular application is suitable. More information:… 125 years of the automobile: SLK world premiere and launch B-class fuel cell world drive 2011 University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann