Windows Server

This coat of arms-shaped emblems with the green checkmark, the yellow exclamation mark and most computer users are likely to interpret correctly the Red Cross of Andreas: usually arise, when the virus protection is missing or untimely (dangerous) or if important Windows updates waiting for their installation (questionable). To allow this unprecedented display of manufacturer of HDD life Pro has developed a technology called AnywhereView. Prekarem State of a hard disk HDD life Pro also the user recommends an immediate data backup or replace of the hard disk. HDD life Pro also switches the computer upon request on standby or Hibernate mode, as soon as the drive is overheated. All these measures have only a chance to avert data loss, if extremely quickly detects HDD life Pro hard drive issues. The new, protected by the manufacturer JustNow! Technology will make sure that the hard drives are really always automatically checked.

For professionally or commercially used computer HDD life Pro has an important function at hand: even if nobody before the computer sitting, helps HDD life Pro. If desired, HDD life Pro uses an E-Mail or a network message with a warning in the impending disk problems. This is especially interesting for Office computers and server computer administrator is responsible for that.