The Pools At Rennes.

Contributed by Rub n Losada-Fernandez Not everything going on Erasmus are parties, travel and go to college, we must also find time to do some sport. I like swimming, but when you’re back in France this can become a risky sport. There are three heated pools in Rennes: Saint Georges (center), which is very old and therefore very peculiar worth going to see her at least once, Villejean (on the campus of Rennes 2) and Br quigny (at south of the city) which incidentally is the only Olympic and environment in which the sport is unlike any others that might qualify as big bathtubs. So far so normal, but now comes the curious thing: men have to wear a tight swimsuit, lycra, be it boxer slip … Or you can think come with the typical short to be going to the beach, you look almost worse than naked entraseis y. .. the lifeguard will tell you that you can not bathe him. Dommage! For women, nothing is specified, it’s actually quite normal to wear bathing suits instead of sports (ie whole body) keep in that case bikini … no problem … no comment.Honestly, I do not think scrupulous, but go see a guy with dreadlocks to his waist … looks like Davy Jones . Contrary to what may seem no hair floating in the water, at least not most of which we can find in a Spanish swimming pool (which is the case I know best), but certainly the first impression is hard. More information about the pools of Rennes in: http://www.rennes.